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Watch what our clients had to say......

“Tom Rodger worked with the board with a view to realigning the business to take the company beyond previous limits. In my opinion Tom is innovative, dynamic and intelligent, with a good innate business sense and a nose for where the opportunity for profit is. He balances strategic skills and day-to-day operational pragmatism so as to ensure that businesses are well run and profitable.

I would describe Tom as a real ally, someone who is totally committed to devising and implementing strategies that will work for your business.”

Keith Baxter, MD, Belfry Property Services Ltd

“It’s easy enough to start a small company; it’s a great deal harder to make a big one and to keep it growing safely and steadily. Tom gave us the confidence to overcome the barriers to growth and put us in a position to achieve much greater success. Before Tom came in we were constantly under pressure, bringing small-business strategies to deal with big-business challenges. With this additional input we were able to transform the business and manage a 600% growth in a period of two years. We now have stable and valuable business which better geared to serve our customers and to weather inevitable storms.

I have been very impressed with Tom’s knowledge and positive approach and his contribution to our plans and proposals. His experience and guidance has enabled us to extend our horizons. He has had a very positive effect for us, on our business and on our lives.”

Andy Cuthbertson
Livis Limited

“Before meeting Tom, we were in a bit of a rut and weren’t moving forward. We needed someone who was objective about business and to literally give the whole board a big push.

The biggest change in our business since working with Tom was a total re-organisation of our thinking, which lead to substantial growth and increased value. The effect of the change was that we all work more as a team, the whole being greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Working with Tom has moved us out of a rut. He took us from owning a job to running a business with confidence and effectiveness for growth and success.

After a substantial period of growth during which time we acquired two other companies we sold the business last year and are enjoying a very comfortable retirement.”

Ted Grad, (Ex) MD, Maracom

“Tom worked with the company through a particularly difficult period. He is an excellent strategic thinker who focuses on the high priority tasks and is not distracted by the low value tasks. He is creative, enjoyable to work with and an excellent leader. Tom is an outstanding listener, he gets the most out of people, values their view and gives people ownership of tasks, giving them the energy and enthusiasm to complete them.

I would not hesitate to work with Tom again. I would give him my toughest business challenge – no problem.”

Peter McAllister
Allister Welding Limited

I can’t recommend Tom Rodger’s enthusiasm and understanding highly enough.  His down to earth and direct approach to people and problems was perfect in bringing an objectivity to my business.  He has a very wide experience of business and this, combined with his willingness to share the practical and theoretical knowledge he has gained, makes him an invaluable support and mentor.  The advice he gives and the routes towards solutions which he puts forward are always carefully considered.

Tom is patient, polite but persistent.  He tailored his programme to suit our strengths and weaknesses.  He pushes hard, but is aware when pressures are heavy, and understands when to let up.  I would warmly recommend his services to any business.’

Anita Brightley-Hodges
creative and managing director
Still Waters Run Deep Limited

“Thank you for your help.

Before we started working with you, our business was good but we didn’t appreciate why. We had budgets, controls or plans to take the business forward but not of sufficient detail and I decided to work with you because I wanted to move the business up to the next level.

Since working with you, we have made changes and I spend a lot more time working on the business now instead of working in the business. We have detailed controls, budgets and plans in place. This has given us direction and confidence. We now have a sound knowledge and understanding of our business which is in great shape and we are looking forward with confidence to the future.

The most useful and beneficial way you helped us was with the sales process, by understanding and implementing a sales progress pyramid we can now plan efficiently to ensure a steady stream of sales enquiries. 

I know you cared about our business and you  helped us to see your way ahead, to know what needed to be done and how to make things happen. You were also there to help resolve issues and problems and to celebrate our results and wins.

If someone asked me whether to work with you I’d say yes, do it.

Best regards

Graham Prince
Plant Force Limited

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